“FIGLAB" is a creative platform for the exploration of visual expressions with cutting-edge technology.
By featuring cutting-edge technology, we instantly visualize and materialize new ideas for both social and business problem solving. Furthermore, "FIGLAB” functions as an open innovation community. This community accelerates the collaboration of various kinds of creative fields, such as film, graphic, photography and engineering etc.
It creates new expressions and core values.

what we do

Visual Design
UI / UX Design
Web / App Design
Graphic Design
Interactive Installation
Interactive Performance
Projection Mapping
Visual Installation
Research & Development
Device Research
Design Prototyping

As the prototyping lab of amana, visual communication agency, “FIG.” approaches  unbounded visual expression such as physical installations that inspires human five senses,  apps with new interaction design,interactively generated motion graphics, and  “robotics” installation. “FIG.” covers not only brand promotions and advertisements,  but also the creation of whole new creative output by making our original prototypes continuously.


  • Takahiro Niimura
  • Toru Yokoyama
  • Takanari Miisho


T33, 2-2-43, Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002